The Rules

The fishing waters presently held by the Association are briefly as follows:-

A     River Plym    National Trust beat from Plym Bridge to within 200 metres of

                            Riversford -double bank (a limit of twenty rods at any one time)

                            From Riversford to within 100 metres of Bickleigh Bridge-double


                            From Shaugh Bridge to end of North Wood/Cadworthy Wood below Cadover

                            Bridge -right bank

                            From Shaugh Bridge to Goodameavy Bridge-left bank

                Season Salmon 1/4 to 15/12, Sea Trout 3/3 to 30/9, Trout 15/3 to 30/9

B     River Tavy    Left Bank from the foot bridge at the Power Station, Mary Tavy to Harford Bridge

                Season Salmon 1/3 to 14/10, Sea Trout 3/3 to 30/9, Trout 15/3 to 30/9

Detailed maps are available and should be consulted before fishing . Bank directions are

always looking downstream

Classes of Membership

The membership categories are as follows :-

Full members who may fish all waters

Trout Members who may only fish for Brown Trout

Other classes such as Junior, Life and Honorary are described in the Rules

of the Association

Salmon Fishing

A bag limit of one per day and three for the season has been agreed in the interests of conservation. The

Environment Agency has stipulated that any salmon caught before 16th June shall be returned to the

water. Catch and release is encouraged at all times. Coloured fish should be returned to the river with

every care

Migratory Trout

A bag limit of three fish a day shall apply. Fishing for sea trout is normally by fly only but if the river is

highly coloured spinning is permitted.

The Association has adopted a policy of C&R for seatrout in September

Day Tickets

The Secretary holds a "Secretary's Ticket" for issue to promote

the interests of the Association. It should be noted that the National Trust and other riparian owners

each hold a rod to fish their respective water.

Guest Ticket

A guest ticket for the River Tavy - limited to three per year- may be allocated by the Secretary to a

member fishing with a guest at a cost of £10.00 per day. Alternatively a member and guest may share a

rod at no charge